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real-world postgresql vs mysql benchmark

At my work, we have a large MySQL database (15 MyISAM tables, 21 million rows, 10Gigs size). After seeing the benchmarks showing that Postgres out-performs MySQL on multi-core machines (our new db server has 4 CPU's), I ported the database to PostgreSQL.
We have begun using the DBIx perl module since Class::DBI is too sloooow. The DBIx module allows closer access to the generated SQL, and it allows "prefetch"ing which eliminates extra back-and-forth (and object creation) between the server and client. In addition, the connection string is in the script, not in the generated API. This makes it easy to benchmark as all that is required to change between db engines is to change the connection string. Using this script:

use CogeX; use strict;
# mysql
#my $connstr = 'dbi:mysql:genomes:host:3306';
# postgresql
my $connstr = 'dbi:Pg:dbname=genomes;host=host;port=5432';
my $s = CoGeX->connect($connstr, 'user', 'pass' );

my $rs = $s->resultset('…