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slicehost, trac, wherecamp

I have a development "server" here beside me. It's actually a budget laptop that sold for $799 2 years ago. It's a xubuntu machine, hosting a trac instance, a development server for mapping stuff, postgresql/postgis, mapserver, mysql, and couple svn repos, anything I do for contracting, etc. Oh, and it's also hosting a couple of sites for the multi-national company that my gf works for! all of their servers are windows machines (long rant suppressed).
It used to get warm, so propped it up on 4 tuna cans, 1 for each corner, now it stays cooler. Yep, it's a sweet setup.
Anyway, I pay AT&T or SBC --or whatever they are now called-- for static IP's and a supposedly faster internet connection. My 1 year contract for that is nearly up, so I'm switching to slicehost.

I'm not a sys-admin, I sorta do that for 4 gentoo (not my choice) machines at $work, and my strategy is to set up, rsnapshot and never, ever emerge -u world. ever. So far, it's mostly…