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starting haxe. (stuff i want to remember)

I've been tinkering with a flash project recently. Actually haxe, so it's only linux tools -- VI, and the command line -- not the GUI interface people normally associate with flash. This post is a summary of how to get started with haxe using only the command line, and a project containing flash stuff I want to remember.
To start, here's a gist of shell commands that will set up haxe on an ubuntu machine. The installers from the haxe website work fine for windows and mac (and I think 32 bit linux).

Haxe has a slightly different syntax from actionscript 3, but for most things it is identical. These docs are very good, and better than the adobe site, I have that page open always when working with haxe. I also grabbed an "actionscript.vim" from the internet somewhere and put it in ~/.vim/syntax/ for syntax highlighting and added this line to my .vimrc:autocmd BufRead *.hx set filetype=actionscript
Then compilation and code is simply a matter of following this.

If you on…