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One of the things I like the least about my real job, and much of the contract work that I do is that i'm usually the only programmer working on each task. So, it's been very fun to work on a project with Josh Livni (His writeup). We got together one afternoon, and by the time we left, we had a reasonable start of what we call landsummary, we've since put in a fair bit of work sprinkled here and there. Josh set up an AWS server--it's nice for me to have fewer sys-admin duties too.
What's actually on display is fairly modest. What it does is takes a user-drawn square, circle, or arbitrary polygon, and uses that to summarize the NLCD dataset along with some census data. The things that make it more than lame are that it's very fast, it can easily be extended to summarize any raster dataset, and we have a sorta cool API (not documented) which allows us or anyone to query the data with a WKT Polygon and request a particular service -- currently nlcd, population, we…