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rtree: know your nearest neigbhors

My computer spends a lot of time looking for neighbors of a given location-- even more so for bio, than for geo. This is what I've learned about the options for doing smarter search so far.

SELECT * from (
(SELECT * FROM ((SELECT * FROM feature WHERE start<= ? ORDER BY start DESC LIMIT 1) UNION (SELECT * FROM feature where start>= ?
ORDER BY start LIMIT 1)) as u)
(SELECT * FROM ((SELECT * FROM feature where stop<= ? ORDER BY stop DESC LIMIT 1) UNION (SELECT * FROM feature where stop>= ?
ORDER BY stop LIMIT 1)) as v)
) as w
ORDER BY ABS((start + stop)/2 - ?) LIMIT 1

if you fill in ? with an integer location, that query will return the closest feature most of the time. It's verbose if not ugly, and that's only for 1 dimension. It can return the wrong feature in certain cases.... You have to write it like that in MySQL, because it doesnt support functional indexes, so as soon as you do something like:
ORDER BY ABS((start + stop)/2 - ?)
it's no longer an inde…