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displaying and serving big(ish) data with numpy and memmap

In this case, "big" is only 8 million rows, but I have it working for 40+ million extremely fast and it will work for anything that can fit in memory (and larger with a bit of extra work). So the idea is to create simple web "service" (where "service" is just the URL scheme I pull out of my .. uh genes ... ) implemented in a wsgi script.

A web request containing a width=XXX in the url will show the user wants an image. so a url like:
will give an image:

(geo-hackers will recognize that with a URL scheme like that, it'll be simple to put this into
an openlayers slippy map.) where the each horrible color represents a different tissue, and values extending up from the middle represent the top (+) strand (W) while those on the bottom represent the - or Crick strand. The heights are the levels of expression.
Without the width=XXX param, the service returns JSON of values for…