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postgresql and mysql: benchmark? how?

so somehow, my previous post on postgres / mysql made reddit , which i happened to be reading yesterday afternoon. i didnt even realize it was my post until following the link.
there were a couple harsh comments stating that i found what i wanted to find. ... which were merited given the sensationalist way i presented the results (50%) and the careless use of the term "benchmark". and yes, the config for mySQL was the default. still, i just presented what i found.
i was surprised noone commented on the hackish way that i checked to see if it was a protein sequence in perl, rather than mysql--or the coolness of pre-fetching in DBIx (which is available as eager loading or setting lazy=False in the mapper in python's sqlalchemy).

re the comments on things to change in the postgresql.conf... i'll try at some point. are there any suggestions for mysql?
the machine has 12G ram, 4CPUs. likely, the raid configuration (i dont know how it's set up) is not optimal, but that is…