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choosing django

I prefer sqlalchemy and genshi (or mako) and was therefore looking at using turbogears, but I saw a demo of the django admin, and that sold me. Certainly the templating language did not. Before this, I'd only used in my projects. These are the things I've liked/noted:

The first and most important: community. (Oddly enough, as I write this there are 666 projects tagged as django. 'turbogears', 'tg2', 'tg' give less than 50 projects combined. Think someone might have already written what you need? yep.
Also, a great site:, where I've learned a lot just by reading, and saved myself a lot of time, by extending ideas there.
And the development is active.

Second, django.contrib.* User authentication is simple, and check google-code for various alterations on the theme.
admin. This was what first made me decide on django. And now, new-forms admin is in trunk. This gives you a pretty nice CRUD interface for models in your…