Open Source GIS

Just saw this linked from Sean's post. The quotes in there are absurd. But reminded me there's an important point in favor of OSS that I haven't seen.

You can still get help directly via the email list or IRC from F Warmerdam, it's primary author. Likewise for the developers of Mapserver and OpenLayers and PostGIS. I wonder if the lead developers of ESRI products spend their off-time perusing the forum's or mailing lists and answering questions? ( I don't know, they may. But I suspect not. )
There's something to be said for enjoying what you do. And I think that's very true in the case of those in the open-source community. Happy coders make better software. Any programmer that denies that will leave me flabbergasted.

I just don't understand how I could be effective only clicking the menus that were provided to me if I chose a black-box solution. But, call me crazy, I like linux.

Also, in these parts, if you lock your single-speed bike to a wooden chair, it'll get stolen regardless of the cost of the lock or the weight of the bike.


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