I agree with every report I've seen. Wherecamp was awesome. I've been telling people, and I'm still sure it's true, that I met exactly zero people who I'd physically seen before. Ordinarily, I avoid meetings, but this is a good format and seems to attract good people. It's fun to meet and work with people who are really into what they do. The talks are less "talky" and more like chat sessions--which is possible when the groups are small.

There was also plenty of time to hack, which was the original reason I went. During and after, I learned some simple things which I'm trying to incorporate into my usual workflow:
In the shell, background a job with "ctrl + z" then get back to it with %i where i is the number shown in the output from "jobs". That's a trick from jlivni.

From crschmidt, I added:
alias doctest="nosetests --with-doctest --doctest-extension=.txt"
to my .bash_aliases. Which let's me do:
doctest tests/
doctest tests/test_somefile.txt
to run my doctests instead of python -c "import doctest;doctest.testfile('...')"

And springmeyer showed me a ton of django and geodjango. The admin stuff is just ... nice -- it's how making a db front end should be. I still don't know how to learn that stuff on my own, it seems a lot of it, you just have to know which modules to import and the django book doesn't cover newforms or the new admin stuff as far as I can tell.


On friday night, we met up in SF to do some hacking, the never went down, as I couldnt get wireless and it turned into more of a real bar trip. We, were however, talking about python. At one point, it was sorta quiet and out of the silence, comes:
"Python sucks"
from a true lisp hacker in the next booth--complete with curly grey beard and spectacles. He actually turned out to be a cool guy, I think maybe he even admitted that if he couldn't use lisp, python was a reasonable choice--I think that's about as much as you can expect from a lisper.

From crschmidt:
"I don't really know python that well"
Then who was it that basically rewrote featureserver between the hours of 2AM and 9AM when everyone else was sleeping?


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