twill with XHTML (not viewing HTML)

Since I couldn't find this anywhere, I'll add it here for those who have the same problem:

I was trying to test a website with twill and got this at the end of my traceback:

raise BrowserStateError("not viewing HTML")
BrowserStateError: not viewing HTML

After spending a bunch of time making sure that, yes, it was spitting out HTML, I figured out that it specifically means that twill (actually mechanize) doesnt like XHTML.

You can likely fix it by adding this at the top of the script:

b = twill.get_browser()
b._browser._factory.is_html = True
twill.browser = b

Presumably, there's a real reason that check is in place, but works-4-me...


Arie said…
Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much !!
Your post made my night !!

Thanks again !

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