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Restructured Text to S5 Presentation

(lots of caffeine today so 2 posts in one day)
The stub example presentation I'll be talking about is viewable as a presentation here (click on that page to advance the demo slides).

There's a nice browser-based tool for presentations called S5. In recent python docutils, there's a tool called which converts restructured-text to an s5 presentation. However, it's not obvious how to get syntax highlighting for code blocks to work.
So pygments, a python library that will highlight syntax for many programming languages comes with this file which they recommend you use as a starting point. That's what I did, and I've created a stub example project accessible via subversion:

$ svn export

with a build script and a couple of example slides (and a nice theme). It's possible to change the theme by editing (included in the source) and changing the STYLE global to a theme that pygments knows about (being comfortable with my machismo, I chose "fruity"). One way to find other themes is to check the drop down box on the paste bin at the pygments site.

To use the template, just edit the index.rst, then run and view the resulting index.html in a browser. The S5 "theme" it's using is specified in the script and contained in the ui/ sub directory, you can find more themes on the s5 site and others that come with the s5 install.

Check out the pretty example project here (with python code 3 slides in). As with any S5 slideshow, you can click to advance slides or use the controls that appear in the bottom right when the mouse is in that area.

As a bonus, if the index.rst file contains python shell sessions (doctests) like the example, you can check them with nose using:

$ nosetests --with-doctest --doctest-extension=.rst index.rst


Megan D said…
This is cool Brent, even for us regular Joes. And fruity is good.

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