Thursday, February 28, 2008

flash, vi, fcsh

All my flash tinkering has been in VIM-- no IDE, no XML, just actionscript. It's a little tough to deal with the adobe compiler as it takes about 11 seconds to compile a large project like modestmaps on my machine. That's not good for a guess-and-check programmer. The typing does catch some errors.

The worldkit project compiles instantaneously with mtasc (the predecessor to haxe)--likewise for the as2 branch of modestmaps. The flash compiler shell drops the compile time for as3 modestmaps to under 3 seconds, so I've added this to my .bash_aliases:

alias fcsh="/usr/bin/rlwrap /opt/src/flex2/bin/fcsh"

the rlwrap is to use readline in the flash shell--meaning I can just press up-arrow to get the previous compile command. By default, one has to paste or type the entire command again.
With that, it's close to a reasonable workflow.


Gunther Konig said...

Thanks for the great rlwrap tip. I hope you don't mind that I added it to

brent said...

hi gunther. glad to hear it's useful

Megan D said...
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David Beal said...

From another vim/commandline user this is an awesome tip. Thanks!