open source gis and flash maps part two

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I started looking into flash mapping stuff lately. For the patch I submitted to worldkit, Mikel gave me commit access! So, now the svn version of worldkit can be compiled with mtasc by typing "make". I feel unreasonably proud of that, given that much of what I did was some global search and replace stuff in VI, and then read and fixed mtasc compiler errors until they went away. It was good fun.
Michal Migurski saw in that same post that I mentioned modestmaps and gave me some good ideas on getting WMS going. I just figured out how to get that working and posted a message to their overly web2.0 forums. Hopefully someone with some real actionscript skillz will clean it up. A mapping library without a good WMS interface is much less useful for most of the stuff I do.

I haven't decided whether to use modestmaps or worldkit, or both. The time stuff the Mikel has done in worldkit is very cool and I haven't really looked at that yet. But I have a time based project starting soon. But, most of my GIS project are reliant on good, hi-resolution imagery and quality roads data, and it's nice if that's just "magically" included via one of the commercial map providers. That's a plus for modestmaps. Though I _still_ do not understand if the modestmaps usage of google, yahoo, microsoft images falls within the terms of use... Especially since the google starts sending "X" tiles instead of imagery after browsing with modesmaps for a while. Meanwhile, I keep using OpenLayers, because that's what sane people do.


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